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Zzzzzzzzzzzzz ....

Oh, wow ... I fell asleep at the keyboard last night (after having fallen asleep in the living room watching the tape of the BEARS game), so I didn't get the rest of the stuff posted that I had wanted to post. Dang! Somebody opined that I'd probably trashed my adrenals with my "both ends burning" schedule over the past decade or so ... all I know is that I'll fall asleep any time, any where, and no amount of coffee will stave it off anymore ... bleh!

So, why did I miss the BEARS game yesterday? I was off seeing Zathura with the family. Now, I never saw Jumanji (the predecessor movie), so I can't "compare and contrast", but this was pretty good. There was a lack of consistent tone which made it feel like at times it was trying to emulate art-house dream-space films, but, unfortunately, I don't think that was intentional. The film is best excused as being "a dream", yet the internal context negates it being some sort of dream-world happening, as the three main players all recall it at the end ... stuff happens, seems to make sense within a limited "scene context" (like the meteor shower only effecting the living room and the space above it), but then don't make any sense beyond that scene (right after that the robot manifests from outside of the room and has no spatial constraints as far as the house goes ... and, speaking of the robot, if neither of the boys "have a robot", why does it first show up as a wind-up toy?). Obviously, one needs to give them a pass on all questions of physics from the get-go (why does the spit not freeze as it's drifting off towards Saturn?), but there are situations where a closed door works way too well to isolate a threat! I did pick up at least one glaring continuity error (the red button on the game only pops up when the next player turns the key far enough ... in one turn the game had the button up when it was being handed over for the next turn), but I'm neurotic in noticing those sorts of things. Now, I think everybody else (The Wife and The Girls) liked it better than I did, so maybe it's just "a matter of taste", but from my perspective, this would have been a much better movie to see in an, uh, "altered state of consciousness" (pity that I no longer indulge in anything along those lines)!

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