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Man ... that was mis-guided. While I did manage to log in most of two shelves into my LibraryThing catalog, it was very slow going ... as I posted earlier, most of the pre-1975 (to pull a date out of the air) books didn't have ISBNs, so had to be manually entered, well, I then discovered that all those zillions of nice hardcover books from the Science Fiction Book Club also don't have ISBNs! In both cases, were I to use their search function I'd either be scrolling through sometimes hundreds of entries (for "classic" books) to find what particular old paperback edition I had on the shelf, or have to put up with somebody's bad typing (I assume that most of the more obscure books, when they do have Amazon listings, are there from the "used" sellers, and in a lot of cases it looks like whoever keyed in the info was in a hurry and being careless). So, being the obsessive-compulsive mass of neuroses that I am, I launched into manually logging in all of these, which takes (I'm guessing) about 4-5 times the amount of time per book that just plugging and clicking with a definitive ISBN does. Oh, well. I'd actualy had hoped to have been able to get that whole bookcase done last night, but at this point I'm less than half through. It is, however, not blocked by anything (yet), so I can at least press on with that over the next couple of days.

Yeah, I know ... it's just like the Pokemon stuff: "Like you care!"

.... blither, blither, blither ...

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