BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

"It's just YOU, Brendan ..."

Y'know ... I find it amazing how many books in my catalog over on LibraryThing are unique to ME ... there are nearly 14,000 users there and I keep finding book after book where I'm the only one listing it ... and those are even in the ISBN-linked books (I don't know if stuff that I manually entered would be "unique" for that particular edition/printing or if the count would reflect all versions)! And it's not even the real obscure stuff ... for example, from the page I was just looking at, there was a biography of Leonard Cohen that I was the only one listing, and the intriguing "Zen Physics", which I reviewed in this space a while back. There are also scads where I'm one of only two people with a particular book.

Needless to say, the tools to go peeking around in other people's libraries are much fun ... it's just that all these "one user" books are starting to make me feel a bit like a FREAK!

O.K., so I went back and checked on the "manually entered" things and they're showing up with multiple users (or not), so I guess they combine all editions of a particular work for the purpose of figuring out who has it in their collection.

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