BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

So ....

Just in case my LibraryThing posts haven't been irritating enough ... here's an eBay one!

I just wanted to do a "go me!" for a couple of wins the other day. One of the vendors that I really like puts up sets of 6 to 10 reverse holo or holo cards, and starts the bidding at 99¢ ... two of these (out of five I was watching) were nearly all things that Daughter #1 needed in her collection (6 of 7 on one, and 7 of 9 on another). I figured out what "retail" would be on the cards, set my price, and (for a change) put in a bid early. While I had bids in on four of the five auctions she had up, the other three had zero to only three cards we needed, so the "value" was much lower (I typically try to figure this on what we don't have rather than the "street price" for the whole package), and we got out-bid on those pretty quickly. We were, within the last 15 minutes, also out-bid on one of these, but I waited and jumped in and won. What tickled me was that, even with going over my "calculated bid" for the one, the combination of the two wins came in 6¢ less than had I won each at my "value bid". While the "percentage of retail" was more like 1/5th than my "target" 1/7th, that's not too bad ... helped by this particular vendor's shipping policy where she only charges a buck, no matter how many things you win!

See ... just think of how refreshing my next "non obsessive" post is going to be!

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