BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Wow ...

Yes, still plugging along at getting books entered into my LibraryThing catalog ... over the past several days I got the bookcase that I had to move for the window replacement project moved back into its slot (and got the shades installed, I've been busy), and I figured it would make sense for me to log in those books while I had them accessible!

Anyway, I'm working on the last shelf there (bookcase #5 is largely my SF collection, and is double and/or triple stacked, so it's been going slowly) and I ran across an old Kurt Vonnegut book, which was actually the script from a "Net Playhouse Special" which aired on WGBH in 1972, called Between Time and Timbuktu, or, Prometheus-5" ... and I was interested to see if there was a videotape of the show out there. I first tried Amazon, and got nothing (well, there were two results, but neither seemed to have anything to do with this), and then tried eBay.

The "wow" in the subject line was from seeing what somebody is asking for a copy of this particular book ... $59.95 ... quite a mark-up from the original $2.45 cover price! It always amuses me to find I have "valuable items" tucked in amid the dime-or-less ephemera in my library.

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