BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

well, that was nice ...

My BEARS did it again ... this time on the road against a very tough (#3 in the NFC if I recall) defense ... winning 13-10 over Tampa Bay! I'd feel better if the Vikings would lose a few games (they's still just 2 back from us), because we have some tough games coming up (the 7-3 Steelers and the 7-4 Falcons, plus Green Bay home and away, and finishing up the regular season with a New Year's Day game in Minnesota), and it would be horrible to let that lead slip away and lose the division (and likely the wild-card) that last game!

The problem with a 7-game win streak like this is that it starts to build up expectations, and I have to keep reminding myself that this is the same team that was picked by most to go somwhere around 6-10 for the year, so you have to wonder how much their current 8-3 record is luck (like the Buccaneers' missed FG today) and how much is just unappreciated talent and/or "destiny".

Oh, well, watching them win is a lot more fun than watching them lose, but each game is starting to mean something now, so I'm probably not going to feel OK about things until they're up by 2 with 1 to play (or even up by 1 with 1 to play if the tie-breakers stay in the BEARS's favor!).

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