BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Arrgh ...

Man, sometimes I get twisted up over the stupidest stuff ... and a lot of it has to do with that Obsessive/Compulsive crap. Last night I logged in 84 books to my LibraryThing catalog (bookcase #5, Shelf #3a-c), which should have put me about #25 on the "books added in last 24 hours" list in their "Zeitgeist" statistics section. Unfortunately, it seems that this database hasn't updated since Friday (it says it "updates sporadically"), so my entries are likely to not show up there at all (as by the time it updates again, it will be past the 24-hour window when I logged in the books).

Why does this sort of shit matter to me??? It doesn't mean anything ... the data's safely in my catalog after all ... it's just "making the list" seems to be some sort of achievement, even though it will list all users adding books, even if they're just putting in one, and I doubt that anybody without OCD is even looking at that! I can't believe how irritated I've been to not see my ID up in those first few lines, though. Bad, stupid, neurotic Brendan!

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