BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

What we did today ...

Yeah, two shows over one weekend does seem a bit excessive to me too ... but I'm not doing the scheduling here. Actually, The Wife originally had us going to see SchoolHouse Rock Live a couple of weeks back, but there was a scheduling issue with the theater and it got moved to today.

Now, while I was aware of SchoolHouse Rock (although I can't say that I ever actually watched an episode), it didn't show up until I was well into highschool, so it didn't have the "nostalgia" factor that it might for somebody 10-15 years my junior. Unfortunately, The Girls also didn't have much of a point of reference for it, and the material was a bit "ho-hum" for 9-year-old Daughter #1 and on the "huh?" side for 5-year-old Daughter #2 ... although both got to participate, #2 in a "dance" on stage, and #1 in the post-show Q&A session.

Being the "good Daddy", I opted to go with the family for lunch afterwards (at the Cheesecake Factory, which was, amazingly, not packed when we got there, despite being smack dab between the Water Tower and 900 N. Michigan malls), so missed the first half of the BEARS game ... although, I must admit, that seems to be "working for me" as they've won every game that I've had the VCR watching.

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