BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

OK ... so they wanted reviews, eh?

I just did a major thing to expand the "useuflness" of my LibraryThing ... ya know how I put little reviews of the stuff I've read in my L.J. here (and have been doing so since early 2004) when I get done reading them? Well, I linked the "review" field for each of the books for which I'd done a review to the appropriate L.J. post.

Well, not exactly ... you see, I'm pretty much "wide open" in my journal, and I figured it would be "creepy" to have folks that have surfed in due to seeing who else had a book on L.T. poking around in my personal business. SO ... I went and opened up a brand new journal, and copied over (back-dated for original date and time ... isn't OCD useful?) all the posts where I'd done a review.

The new journal is btripp_books ... not that it has any real appeal to anybody already reading my blitherings (as it's just copies of stuff in this one), but it makes it convenient for me to just drop in the URL of the post in the "review" box over on LibraryThing.

Visit the BTRIPP home page!


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