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While it is fun going back through my old books, this cataloging them is a grind ... even when the ISBN pulls up most of the info (I still end up having to edit the entry most of the time). What bugs me is when the ISBN pulls up "bad" information ... now, I've only hit 2-3 where it pulled up the wrong book (no doubt an "entry error" somewhere along the line), but frequently I find a very sloppy file. I suspect that this is due to the Amazon "used" marketplace (where a lot of the older or more obscure editions show up) ... as I can't imagine somebody who really cared about the books would do ALLCAPS titles with random abbreviations (but I can imagine somebody doing that on an auction listing).

Anyway, I got bookcase-6/shelf-1 done last night and managed to push through 6/2 today. One of the most rewarding things about this procss is "the trip down memory lane" as I log in, for example, a half dozen Zen books in a row, or a dozen books in a row from one publisher (yeah, I used to read things in sequence like that!). The LibraryThing features are fun too ... since pretty much every shelf I input changes the "flavor" of my catalog, and that makes the "similar libraries" listings shift around! I'm only up to 625 books at this point, so I still have a long, long way to go ... but it's an interesting journey!

One thing I can't figure out is why I'm not showing up on the "250 most prolific reviewers" list, as my current 29 reviews (see my previous post on what I did to use my LJ. reviews on L.T.) should be putting me at about #83 on that! (sigh) Maybe their "Zeitgeist" section (with all those various lists) lags behind the "raw data" which shows up live on my Profile page.

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