BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Wow ... treasures on the shelves!

OK, so I'm still logging in stuff for my LibraryThing catalog (I'm up to 669 books at this point), and I ran across one about my "root" Shamanic teacher down in Peru. Now, I knew this one was pretty valuable (it was given to me by a friend when she left Chicago and was getting rid of much of her library ... she knew that I just had a "xerox" copy from one I'd taken out of the library some decades ago, and couldn't find one) and hard to find, but I was shocked when I saw what the "used" copies were going for on Amazon. Now, my friend had paid $15.95 at the Cornell book shop for her copy back when she was in college (and thinking she was going to end up being an anthropologist instead of a lawyer) ... right now the cheapest copy available through Amazon is $157.19, and that goes all the way up to some (new seller) asking an insane $1,125.00 for one! It makes me want to stick the hardcover copy in a safe and put back the stack of xeroxes in its place! That's crazy ... you would think that somebody would wrangle the rights on that and put out a print-on-demand edition of it if it's "worth" that much!

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