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Libray Thing ...

I'm up to 715 books now in my LibraryThing catalog, and have now completed two bookcases (#5 and #6), notably the two that were "excavated" by having to move everything that was in front of them for the window replacement project. I figured it made sense to plow into those before I started moving stuff back in here (now that I'm finally in a place that I can). I'm "having issues", however, with also hitting Bookcase #4 ... while it is in a rare "accessible" state, it's also poorly organized (for a long time it was my "travel shelf" and had my camera equipment, etc. on it, so it has accumulated decades worth of travel books, site guides, maps, etc., along with some theater books which crept over from #5 at some point), meaning that I'd have to "deal with it" before I could catalog it. Frankly, I'm not sure if my neuroses can handle that (I have a great dread of disturbing "long-time systems" for fear of never being able to re-access the information in its original conceptualization again), but perhaps if I get into a "OCD buzz" one of these days I'll be able to work on that. This same set of "issues" is why I'm only two selfs deep on #8 and #9, since geting to the lower shelfs would require moving a lot of stuff which would then have to be "dealt with" and, as I've probably previously noted, much of the "stuff" has been in situ for a dozen years or more at this point!

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