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I'm glad yesterday is over with. It was Daughter #1's birthday party and we had 10 kids at Dave & Busters for it ... now, D&B's is sort of like Chuck E. Cheese for college-age kids, and we got a package deal which had their meals plus a "power card" with $12.50 credit each. Unfortunately, the kids all wanted to go nuts in the game room rather than sit through lunch, and it was a nightmare getting them all down to order and eat. When we finally got the cards, most of them blew through the $$$ in a mater of minutes (easy when the "jumbo claw machine" ran about $2.50 a try!).

While I am very good at organizing things, I am less good at dealing with uncooperative attendees. I have two modes when dealing with children, "calmly negotiating" and "tourettes explosion" and the trip wire between those two is not very far down the path. I'm amazed that we got through the thing without any bloodshed, but I was a nervous wreck the rest of the day (and am still not 100% back on solid ground).

Anyway ... more updates later ... I see that it's only 5 minutes to kick-off for the BEARS / Packers game!

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