BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Woot ... Bears win!

Yep, my BEARS log their 8th straight win, with a 19-7 win over the "ancient enemy" Packers! It wasn't pretty but it's the first time they've beaten Brett Farve here in 11 games, and this is the first time in something like 28 straight games that Farve hasn't had a touchdown pass against us!

This one was tense right up till the end, when, with 3:06 left on the clock, Vasher runs back an interception for a TD ... giving the BEARS a 12-point lead. This was the second big defensive play of the game, as right at the end of the first half, with Green Bay knocking on the door (on the Chicago 7-yard line) and leading 7-6 with just 0:24 on the clock, Tillman intecepted a Farve pass in our endzone and ran it 95 yards to the GB 7-yard line which set us up for another field goal, and a 9-7 lead. Once again Orton and the offence did just enough (3 other field goals) to let the defense win another one ... pushing us to a 9-3 record and keeping that slim 2-game lead over the Vikings (who also won today) with four games to go. I just hope we can keep that lead so that last game of the year (up in Minnesota on new year's day) isn't for who wins the division and who stays home from the playoffs!

On a rather sobering side note ... I realized today that I'm older than the head coach ... this is depressing me no end.

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