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Up to 766 books logged in ... I got Case1/Shelf1 done tonight after I figured that it would only take a bit of reaching around stuff (I have a rack with printers stacked on it in front of that shelf) to the books out and back in. What I hadn't figured on was that the top of the bookcase has collapsed under the weight of the stuff I'd had up there. I only discovered this when I started pulling out the stuff stacked on top of the books and found that the top of the bookcase was essentially resting on that shelf's worth of books.

Here's what was up there (I was amazed that I was able to find a picture!) ... three big (18x12x6")plastic cases for holding now-antique Letraset letterpress sheets. I wonder if those would be "worth anything" on eBay? The site which had the graphic was a European "old art stuff" place (as far as I could decipher) which was asking 30 euros for 2 cases (again, if I was catching their drift). They're really groovy storage units, but are only good for big sheets of stuff you need to keep flat! Since all three cases (and there was a printer up there too) were full of letterpress sheets (from back in my pre-computer PR days), they weighed a lot, so I'm not surprised that the particle board shelving (much of which is 20+ years old at this point) failed around those upper plastic connectors.

So... I first had to get a stepladder and pull down the Letraset cases (which I now need to find a new home for), then get my drill and some "L" brackets (yes, I've been having to fix several of these bookcases, so have the supplies handy!), and shore up the tops. Then I was finally able to get to the books. This shelf was "fun" since a lot of the stuff up there dated back to college, and so it was a trip down memory lane to various Religion classes.

About half the shelf was "Zen" stuff which once again shifted my mix of books so that the "similar libraries" feature on LibraryThing had some new folks showing up. I find the fluidity of that amusing as I log in different "areas of study"!

Another fun thing memory-wise were the materials from the 1981 Kalachackra Initiation that the Dalai Lama did in Madison Wisconsin to commemorate the opening of the Deer Park center up there (this was the first time the Kalachakra had been presented outside of India or Tibet), this was my first exposure to Vajrayana Buddhism (talk about going in the deep end!), and the first of three Kalachakra initiations I've attended (also L.A. in '89 and NYC in '91) ... needless to say, my Buddhist friends figure that I've been busy in this incarnation tying up loose ends from previous lifetimes where I was unable to get to the major monastic centers to take the initiations!

I have one more shelf that I can probably "get to" without moving a ton of stuff, and will hopefully be able to log that in tomorrow (which should push the book count up to 800) ... of course, you'll be subjected to the detailled blow-by-blow on this project as it moves along (lucky you)!

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