BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,


I'm bummed that Amazon doesn't have the Ann Coulter Action Figure available ... I was going to put her on my wish list (yeah, that's right, Brendan wants a "Barbie" for Xmas!) but I guess that's out (not like anybody has ever bought me anything off of my Amazon wish list anyway ... the relatives do tend to give me Amazon gift certs, though). The doll does still show up via Froogle, but I'm not planning on shelling out $30 for it (unless I hear about an "anatomically correct" version ... I'm such a perv!), even with free shipping (at eToys).

I love the description of Ann as "looking like she subsists on Marlboro Lights and Vermouth" ... I hate to think that quitting smoking (which I hear she's trying to do) will ruin her figure ... I guess the Leftists hate to think that quitting smoking will make her crankier! Heh ...

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