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Up to 801 books logged in ... got Shelf #2 on Bookcase #1 done, as those were relatively accessible (just having to reach back behind a printer). To get to Shelf #3 there might require actually moving a (large, heavy) printer, and Shelves #4 and #5 may require some serious furniture shuffling, so this may be the last of Bookcase #1 for a while. I can get to the top three shelves on Bookcase #2 OK, the only problem being that these are right above my desk, so have acquired masses of non-book "stuff" over the years ... in fact, I wasn't 100% sure that B2/S2 had any books as they are all behind a solid wall of diskette files, clock radios, notebooks, dead mouses, etc. and topped by boxes of various sized laser/inkjet label sheets. Needless to say, it will be a major pain in the ass to move that stuff to get to the books and then replace everything so it will be back where "it used to be" when I next go looking for it!

Today's shelf was a lot of basic "English major" sorts of books, from both highschool and college, which once again shuffled in new entries in the "similar libraries" view (it was about half Russian literature, with a bunch of Joyce and Kafka and some Restoration Drama thrown in). Bookcase #2 is more of same (your basic Liberal Arts core reading list), while B3 is primarily my "military history" collection ... that should provide an interesting shift in what shows up in the LibraryThing "Zeitgeist"!

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