BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

"Who needs to be JUDGED?"

Yesterday I volunteered to be a judge at the Science Fair for Daughter #1's school. This did not include her class (they don't make the 4th Graders do projects ... just 6th, 7th, and 8th grade), so there wasn't a "conflict of interest" thing happening, although there were some older siblings of her friends out there, so I figured I'd skip those. It was pretty loosely organized, with the Judges wandering looking for exhibits that didn't have an "X" or a sticker on their number ... a system that lacked a certain definitiveness (really, somebody could have run across to Walgreens to get some "neon" round stickers that would have clearly shown who had been judged and who hadn't, but instead they had ¼" star stickers which sort of disappeared). So, most of the time I'm wandering around the gym going "Who needs to be Judged?", which made me feel like a bit like Stallone in Judge Dredd! Of course, since that movie came out 20 years ago, none of the kids got the reference, even when I did a dead-on imitation. Sucks to be a geezer, I guess.

As I was telling some of the teachers (there were very few parents involved, meaning that I probably got extra "brownie points" for being there all day), the best thing I got out of doing this was stuff to be sure to nag #1 about when she does get around to doing a science fair project! I was amazed at just how busy the Fuckup Fairy had been in getting ready for this Science Fair! Aside from the kids who just plain "didn't get it" (one kid had just printed out some stuff about batteries from the Internet, and said he'd made a flashlight according to those instructions ... I guess his "hypothesis" was that it was going to work?), there were some who had fabulous projects (using fancy lab equipment and chemicals, etc.) who then must have had the spell checker off on their wordprocessor when they did their report (on the "experement")! I don't know how many times I walked away from an exhibit thinking "would it have killed you to ..." for things like "... print a second copy of the graph for the report?", or "... gone back and changed the color before you printed out that bar chart?", or "... labeled your units of measurement?" or "... cut out the text for your poster in some sort of rectangle?", etc., etc., etc. ... needless to say, I'll be watching #1 like a hawk for all this sort of crap!

Anyway ... "YO! ... Who needs to be Judged?"

heh ...

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