BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Calendar re-cap meme ...

OK, I give ... I'd seen it in various journals, tried to say "ah, too much of a bother", but there it was again ... so I become Mr. Cut-And-Paste for your edifcation ... anyway, here's the first sentence from the first post from each month of the past year:
Jan 2005:
"Slept through New Year's Eve ... go me."

Feb 2005:
"Well, took my computer in to see what can be done."

Mar 2005:
"I haven't done any eBaying of late (the times I've surfed in there haven't been any deals on anything that I'm looking for) but tonight I stumbled on a number of cards from one vendor that we don't currently have in Daughter #1's collection."

Apr 2005:
"I'm almost afraid to post anything today ... April Fools Day is such a minefield on LiveJournal!"

May 2005:
"I don't get it ... I have not posted anything abrasive, confrontational (well, unless you count getting "103% Republican" on that silly quiz a few posts back), rabidly hostile, or nuthin' of late, yet I've been having folks "dropping like flies" off of my Friends-Of list ... what's up with that?"

Jun 2005:
"I won a couple of auctions last night that I probably would have not bid on except that the seller had so many up, closing right in a row, that the later ones were drawing minimal bids."

Jul 2005:
"Well, my Brother and his friend are on their way back to Boston with a truck load of my Mom's stuff, culminating 3 days of U-Haul rentals and heavy lifting."

Aug 2005:
"OK ... so today I'm trying out my new glasses!"

Sep 2005:
"Yep ... as predicted I fell asleep at the keyboard, so I still have over 400 things to plow through on my Friends List. "

Oct 2005:
"I'd not been in much action over there of late ... things ebb and flow in regards to the stuff "needed" by Daugther #1 for the collection, and I'd been seeing "a lot of nuthin'" when surfing through my Pokemon searches of late."

Nov 2005:
"And you naughty people have left me with 400-425 posts to catch up on!"

Dec 2005:
"While it is fun going back through my old books, this cataloging them is a grind ... even when the ISBN pulls up most of the info (I still end up having to edit the entry most of the time). What bugs me is when the ISBN pulls up "bad" information ... now, I've only hit 2-3 where it pulled up the wrong book (no doubt an "entry error" somewhere along the line), but frequently I find a very sloppy file. I suspect that this is due to the Amazon "used" marketplace (where a lot of the older or more obscure editions show up) ... as I can't imagine somebody who really cared about the books would do ALLCAPS titles with random abbreviations (but I can
imagine somebody doing that on an auction listing)."
Gee ... sometimes with ellipses, a sentence never has to end, eh?

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