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A bit of a re-cap ....

Bleh ... I am sick ... we had a big dump of snow a couple of days ago (around 8" down here), which I ended up running around in, and now have that nasty lung thing that I've been getting the past few years. This all started with two days of screaming headaches too, which wasn't much fun. We also had a rental car all weekend, which meant I was "out in the elements" up to my ankles in slush more than I would have typically.

I'm probably going to end up missing some details here (it was a chaotic weekend), but I wanted to get some of them down while I have any sort of a mental time-line going. As I noted, on Thursday, I was over at Daughter #1's school to help judge the Science Fair. It was that evening that the snow moved in. Friday was a mess in the morning (I'm not used to having to "chip-out" a car that's been plowed past ... nor am I used to trying to park in "spaces" where the snow is higher than the car's ground clearance!), but I got everybody into school on time and was able to run some errands. On Friday night The Wife had appointments and Daughter #1 had caroling with her choir group. Initially, I was going to run #1 up there with a combination of busses and the El, but The Wife discovered that her appointment was north rather than south (as she'd originally thought), so she ended up running #1 up there. Unfortunately, she dropped her off early, and ended dropping her off with another group of kids in Santa hats which were getting ready to go caroling! Just as I got in the door here with #2, there was a call from the Principal of the school there saying that she'd seemed to have ended up with one more kid than she started with. Fortunately, she offered to walk #1 back to where she was suppossed to be, so I guess #1 was just a little late and freaked out.

I'd offered to feed #2 before we came home, but she opted to "wait for Mama", unfortunately, this took her way past her bedtime, and she conked out with no dinner (putting her "off schedule" all weekend). On Saturday, I was going to be taking The Girls up to Dojo, but The Wife had a "plan B" that she insisted "wouldn't take any time at all". Now, given the road/parking conditions, I knew we needed to leave 45 minutes to get up there in order for #2 to make her class ... The Wife ended up peeling into the building driveway here with only 20 minutes to go before #2's class ... now, on a perfectly clear summer day with no traffic, we might make it up there in 20 minutes, but not in the conditions present. "Fortunately", The Wife has #2 "double-booked" on Saturdays up there, with an art class up at The Old Town School of Folk Music a half hour after her Dojo class (I have just enough time to get #2 dressed, run the 3 blocks down the street, deposited in her classroom there, then run back to Dojo, collect #1 at the end fo her class, get her dressed, and run her and all our Dojo equipment back down the OTSFM to collect #2), so it wasn't a total waste of time for her.

Since we had the car, I wanted to make a stop up at the "Deals" dollar store, which (as we'd not made it up for The Girls' classes in a few weeks) we'd not been to in a while (gotta get those microwave soft pretzels for 6/$1). On the way back we stopped off for some lunch (at the Wendy's on Lawrence ... I love their sides, I get a baked potato, a small chili, a side ceasar salad, and a small frosty, and have change back from a $5). Once we got home, we unloaded the car (including the stuff The Wife had gotten in the morning ... two snow sliders for The Girls), and I went out and found parking. One good thing about parking down here, most of the cars taking up most of the spots "belong" some other place, and when we have big snow dumps, they usually don't end up down here, leaving MUCH better parking than normal ... assuming, of course, one can actually get one's car into the space over the snow).

Yesterday was more chaos ... it started with The Wife taking The Girls out for breakfast and some "sledding" (or whatever you'd call going down hill on what looks like a squishy surfboard), while I headed off for an 11am event that the P.E. department of #1's school was doing at a local bar. Now, I had had a "stress" headache all day on Saturday, and it was back in force on Sunday, so I was not having much of a swell time anyway, and having my BEARS get beat up didn't help any. I was supposed to be meeting The Wife and #2 around 3pm (The Wife having dropped #1 off earlier at the site they were doing their Choir performance), and was already outside waiting for the bus when The Wife called ... they were behind schedule and needed to go shopping, so I convinced her to swing by and get me, then we could just keep going from there to K-Mart to where #1 was (way up in the Loyola area).

The concert was nice enough, but it was in one of the big, comical Catholic churches that has propoganda and statuary on every available space. What particularly amused me was that they had "stations of the cross" paintings that looked exactly like Ginger Baker had posed for them! I spent most of the concert wondering how may RPG rounds, where, would bring the whole building down ... but I get like that when forced to be in Churches! The Girls ended up wanting to go out for Chinese, and I suggested that we just head south, figuring that we'd find something plausible down by Argyle. Unfortunately, The Wife couldn't find any parking there, so we ended up changing plans. We'd both seen this Chinese place (old-school 1920's type) on Irving Park and Lincoln before, and The Wife was sure she'd read something about it recently, so we ended up heading down there. The Orange Dragon did have that "old" vibe, but the food was so-so at best ... I guess that's what one should expect from a "Chop Suey" place.

Anyway, we got home, I found parking, and got about 8 hours of sleep (well, I got four 2-hour sleeps, rotating between a bed and the couch, needing some variation to keep breathing. I felt like absolute crap this morning, but still needed to get up and out as The Wife had voluneered to go along on a class trip that #1's class was doing over to the Indiana Dunes ... so I needed to get #2 in and deal with getting the car back. While I did have quite a list of "things to do" today, I ended up crawling back into bed and sleeping another 3 hours when I got home. So, now I'm up, re-medicated, and at the computer. Aren't you lucky that I decided to spew this stuff out before I got anything substantive done?!

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