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The problem with having a big honking memory card in my new digital camera is that there is very little "immediacy" for getting pictures off the camera and into a computer. So, today (when I was really "needing" to get to some pics of The Girls for Xmas missives) I finally downloaded everything in there, which was Thanksgiving and beyond.

Right now I'm still using my old Chubb laptop for this, but I'm hoping I might be able to coax my current desk computer into talking with the camera. I had installed the software and all, but didn't get it to work (so went and put it on the laptop, which is where I'd been dumping the images from my last 3 cameras) but I think that was before I discovered that you needed to have the camera set a particular way in order for it to recognize that it's hooked up. You'd be seeing pics in much closer to "real time" if all it took was me taking the camera to my desk, popping in a USB cable and dumping the images!

These are pics from various points in that stretch of time. The first is a shot out our living room window down at one of the breakwaters in the lake on a fairly windy day. I kind of liked how the spray was going over, and the difference in surface inside vs. outside it. The second was from down at Daley Plaza ... Daughter #2 and I went down to check that out the day after Thanksgiving. They do an interesting "market" thing down there, first on Daley Plaza, and then later expanding over to Block 37, the big empty lot across the street from Marshall Field's, up to Xmas eve. Right now they primarily have German stuff for sale, but have booths from places as far flung as Nepal and Peru.

The white light sculpture thing in front of the big Christmas Tree (which is pretty huge at 85ft tall ... but it's hard to get a sense of the size since they do "ornaments" to scale!) is part of the stuff in this big train set they have over where the ground-level fountain is most of the year. The train thing is fun, but is really dwarfed by everything around it ... and the various "villages" there always seem a big small and uncomplicated, despite having pretty good detailling over-all.

Anyway ... these were a couple of shots that I figured were worth posting here.

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