BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Still sick ...

Man, I hate getting this crap! Now three of the past four winters I've gotten this realy awful lung/body flu which just wipes me out. Somehow I think I managed to not get it last year, but it seems like it's just sitting there waiting to hit. All the car/slush/snow/wind/cold crap from last Thursday to this Monday obviously triggered it, and I've spent the past several days really wishing I could go back to bed (or, in some cases, going back to bed).

The worst part of this is the hacking which ends up with my sides, neck, shoulders, and back all aching from the un-accustomed exertions. I was taking some Alleve for that, but I don't like to take that more than one day at a go, and I think I'm going to try to go without it today. Other than that, I've been doing like 3 doses of Comtrex a day and a hot lemon antihisthamine drink at night. While the hacking has subsided to "every now and then", I'm still coming up with nasty "lung cookies" which tells me that whatever is going on in my lungs is still there.

I wonder what made my body switch sicknesses? It used to be, all through my 20's and 30's that I'd get this nasty thing where the back and sides of my throat would swell up and start dripping pus (yeah, I'm sure you wanted to know about that!), which got to the point of predictability that I could just call my internist, tell him "the throat thing" was back, and he'd call in a antibiotic scrip to the drug store. I guess it must have been that I "wised up" and started to wear a scarf around my neck whenever I was anticipating going outside ... ever since I started to do that the "throat thing" hasn't been back. However, now I'm seveal years into "the lung thing" and I have yet to be able to totally shake this withou heavy-duty anti-biotics, which worries me. If I have to blow through a couple of runs of Zithromax a couple of times a year, it's going to get to the point where it's not doing too much good. AND there's the worry of the Avian Flu, which sounds a lot like what I get but 100x worse ... I could end up dead within hours of exposure!

(Sigh), I guess it's a good thing that The Wife and I just re-vamped out Life Insurance ... as the way I'm feeling today, I have a bad sense that they might be collecting on that once H5N1 jumps to humans!

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