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Last night I was at a get-together hosted by our local Enterprise Rent-a-Car office, and had an interesting chat with the wife of the location manager there. She had recently been in advertising sales for a local radio station and suggested that I might look into advertising in the opt-in e-mail newsletters that various stations send out to their "affinity lists". While I'd been aware of these newsletters, they sort of operated below my radar as far as being an advertising opportunity, but when she mentioned that at the station she'd been with they were able to target these by zip code (narrow-targeting is what we're all about!), I got very interested. Obviously, the question would be "matching" the demographics of various stations with the "parents of kids 5-17" profile of our customer base.

Now, I have been flogging Google all morning, but can't seem to find a resource that would provide basic demographic info for various stations. Perhaps I'm being naive here, but it would seem to me that stuff about listener age ranges, and similar general data should be out there somewhere ... but I'm just not finding it today.

Anybody have any suggestions for resources they might know of that would have demographic profiles of radio stations (in Chicago) available on the web? I'd rather have a basic idea of who to approach rather than just do "blanket" e-mails to every ad sales person I can find at any given Chicago radio station and then have to filter backwards to the ones with audiences skewing away from our customer profile!

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