BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

More stuff added ...

Well, this is certainly a complicated and inter-twined project. I got my old computer set up in the back of my office, and started shifting stuff for it (like the scanner, etc.) that had been stacked up elsewherer in here over there. This started a "tidying/sorting" process in the areas where these bits and pieces had been, which eventually led to actually moving the "Xerox cart" ... now this piece of furniture has a long history, having been one of the pieces designed by our decorator back when my Mom was first starting out in business on her own (back in '76), and had been designed to hold a mid-sized copy machine. It was one of assorted pieces that I'd claimed when we closed down the office back in '93, and it has been back in my office since, for most of that time, remarkably, hosting a copying machine (albeit a litle bitty Xerox unit, which still served well most of Eschaton's run).

Anyway, shifting this temporarily out of its long-time space gave me access to Bookcase #7, and I got Shelves #4 and #3 logged in today (as is the case for all the bookcases on the north side of my office, shelf #5 is taken up with my record collection ...and this is the first time in over a decade that they've been accessible, which is starting me to think how I might "deal" wtih all of that ... it would be nice to be able to get them transferred over to CDs, but the sheer time involved, given that there are well over 1,000 albums down there, is daunting) with another 74 books (or so the LibraryThing "Zeitgeist" tells me). I'm now up to 944 books logged into my LibraryThing catalog, so I'll be breaking 1,000 when I get C7-S1/S2 logged in. I still have at least 2 shelves on that side of the room to dig down to (S3 and S4 on C8) and am not sure about the "deeper" shelves on C9 and C10 (although those should be more un-read books), and I still have to log in two whole cases on the South side of the office, plus another five shelves over two cases (curently blocked to reasonable access by my desk ... I had made a brief attempt to get to the books on C3 S4, but that required half-lying under my desk and reaching back through a small opening there, and between the discomfort of that and the breathing challenges presented by the tail-end of this lung infection, made it more claustraphobic than I was willing to deal with ... I'm guessing, however, that this is going to be the "system" I'm going to have to use for the lower shelves on C3 as the prospect of clearing everything off of my desk to make it even plausibly moveable is even less appealing than the small-space contortion option!).

Right now I'm guessing my book count will be up around 1,500 when I finally get to all the various books in here ... not quite as many as my initial guesstimate, but still a respectable personal library!

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