BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Oh, yeah ...

I almost forgot to mention how my BEARS bounced back from last week's loss by kicking Atlanta's butt on Sunday Night Football ... limiting the high-powered Falcons offense to one measly field goal on the way to a 16-3 final score! Yesterday was a good "Bears day" even before their game kicked off as the Steelers, who had beaten us last week 21-9 wiped up the Metrodome field with those pesky Vikings to the tune of 18-3, pushing them back to 2 games behind the Bears.

What I don't quite get is why the Bears haven't "officially" won the NFC North yet. We're two games up on the Vikings with two games to play ... I guess there are still possible scenarios where the Vikings could win the tie-breakers ... we're 4-0 in the division and they're 4-1 (the only loss being to us), so if we totally choke and lose to the Packers and to them on New Years Day, then we'd be 4-2 and they'd be 5-1. Ah. I guess that would do it ... so the Vikings are theoretically still in it, but it would take the BEARS losing our last two games and them winning their last two.

It was nice having a passing game again in the second half yesterday ... although I wasn't one of those clamoring for Grossman to replace Orton, it certainly did make an obvious difference when they made the switch. Kind of hard to sit down the rookie when he'd not lost a game in 8 straight tries (before the Steelers game), but it really was "night and day" when Grossman got in there. Hopefully this will be the shot in the arm the team needs to get the offense running at something near the efficiency of the #1 defense!

I will, however, continue to be nervous until they lock up the division ... I really hate to think of this going down to a last game head-to-head with the Vikings, with one of us winning the division and the other out of the playoffs!

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