BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,


Well, my BEARS gave me a scare, but ultimately took it easy on their fans ... sure they let the "ancient enemy" Packers score 10 points in the last couple of minutes, turning a 24-7 cakewalk into a 24-17 nailbiter (with Farve moving the ball on us down to the 35 or so), but they came through with a sack, another sack, and a game-ending interception. Whew!

This win gives the BEARS the NFC North championship, plus a bye week, and home-field for the first of their playoff games! Next week's game becomes a throw-away (instead of a battle for who wins the division) against the Vikings, with the BEARS likely to rest a lot of starters and the Vikings (having lost last night and being now out of playoff contention) having nothing to play for, other than, perhaps, preventing us from managing a 6-0 sweep of our division rivals (if the BEARS lose it will make both teams 5-1 in the division, with the only loss being to each other, which I guess could be a "moral victory" for the Vikings).

So, the worst the BEARS could do this season is to finish up 11-5 (and 12-4 is not out of the question) ... not bad for a team that was picked by Sports Illustrated to go 3-13!

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