BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Into exile ...

The Wife has plans for us. "Us" in this case constitutes The Girls and myself. You see ... while I am generally credited to be able to work at night, The Wife conks out at 9pm, and when The Girls are around (and both are off from school for two weeks) it is very difficult for The Wife to concentrate on work, and the household descends into screaming, crying, smashing, more screaming, more crying, etc., etc., etc.

Today I dragged The Girls out to the park to feed a pound of unsalted roasted-in-the-shell peanuts to the squirrels. The last time we were out there, we couldn't find any, but today there were a couple of dozen around. I didn't get to the point where the little buggers would come up and take the peanut out of my hand ... but they did start "circling" me eventually. Unfortunately, Daughter #2 (at 5) is a bit to rambunctious for the squirrels, and they prefer to give her a good 30' "don't grab the little furry thing" zone!

After a while of doing that out in the cold, it was time to feed The Girls, so we headed over to McDonalds to get Narnia happy meal toys. These are pretty cool in that they consist of a figure and a "book" which folds out to a long pop-up background scene from the movie. So far we have #3 and #4, being Edmund and Mr. Beaver. Perhaps we will get more later this week.

Our "exile" begins tomorrow ... The Wife has researched a hotel with attached water park somewhere up in Madison, WI ... and my "assignment" is to get The Girls out of her hair for three days. Of course, when we get back, will be raked over the coals why the post card project that I'm working on hasn't gotten done ... because (silly me!) I was supposed to have figured a way to be both at my desk and away from the house at the same time.

We get back on Thursday, and will then unpack from Wisconsin and repack for Florida, with our "Santa-delivered" trip to Disney World starting before dawn on Sunday. I have a splitting sinus headache and am unenthused about everything at the moment. I did finish up another book ... and a review will be forthcoming (oh, lucky you).

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