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Another book ... one EVERYBODY should check out!

OK, so it's Xmas and all ... and I don't really want to get into a whole bunch of L.J. drama, so if you're one of the "Left-Leaning" folks who read my journal, it would probably behoove you to just skip the rest of this review. I'm not planning on "ranting and raving", but I'm probably going to be saying some stuff that will get your knickers all knotted, and who needs that right after all the Holiday feasting, right?

I had Unfit For Command highly recommended to me by polaris93, after she'd read it (and reviewed it in her journal). I'd sort of chided her on her sense of amazement at some of the details (as most of the "dirty laundry" had been aired extensively on the web during the last election), but, having now read this book, it is AMAZING the depths of scheming depravity that John Kerry plumbed in his sordid career.

Now, as long-time readers of this space know, I do not understand the Left ... much as I do not understand most Christians ... because 90% of what they believe in is based on blatant, outright, and poorly-concealed LIES ... lies that any sensible person looking at the situation would say a hearty "WTF??" over. And yet they are blind to the deceits of their "leaders", and willing to paint their "enemies" with the same tar with which they are so thickly covered.

I wish every American would read Unfit For Command about John Kerry, Dereliction of Duty about Bill Clinton, and Ann Coulter's remarkable book Treason for a look at how the Democratic Party came to not just be "the opposition" to the GOP, but has become a Fifth Column dedicated to aiding and abetting "all enemies foreign and domestic" to the detriment of the United States of America. Just these three books should give anybody pause about the nature of the current political landscape ... after all, John Kennedy, by today's standards, would be to the right of George Bush on most issues, when did the Democratic Party turn into a neo-Stalinist revolutionary front?

One tidbit in Unfit For Command that I found absolutely fascinating, and had, remarkably, not heard previously, was from an interview with a former KGB bigwig who outlined the level of control that Moscow had over the "anti-war" movement in the 60's and 70's ... even to laughingly saying that he should have been given credit by Kerry for writing his Fulbright Committee testimony, as virtually every "detail" in what Kerry was presenting to the Congress had been invented by KGB propagandists in his office! I don't know if John Kerry is/was a Communist per se, but he certainly has put his own personal agenda above the interests of his country at every turn ... and not just as "opinion", as there have been actions which, judged honestly and not through the far-left filter of the MSM, are treasonous at face value, no "spin" needed!

It's a tragedy that there aren't more Joe Liebermans out there (to cite the only "name" I can think of that doesn't require spitting on the ground) ... because all the Democrats seem to come up with are either criminals like the Clintons, Ted Kennedy, and John Kerry, or lunatic Leftists like Howard Dean, Barbara Boxer, and the rest of that sorry lot.

As you know, I'm not a huge fan for George W. Bush, but thank The Gods that he's President now, and not either of the scumbags he defeated. I challenge anybody to read Unfit For Command with an open mind and not be glad that John Kerry is not "at the helm" of our nation! Lucky for you, this can be had for as little as 1¢ via Amazon's "new & used" service (that's what I paid!), and I highly recommend you checking it out.

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