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LibraryThing ... some minor updates

Well, I haven't added any new shelves into my LibraryThing catalog, but I have updated some cover graphics ... now the most recent 100 books are represented on the "graphical shelf" view with covers that either are scans of my actual books, or very close versions from the web.

It's amazing what does and does not come up with graphics out there ... plus how dependent so many "other" book search things are on Amazon (this became very clear because Amazon has the wrong graphic up for Evelyn Easton's The Shaman and the Medicine Wheel, the image there is of a completely different book about Medicine Wheels, but the error is replicated all over the internet!). Frankly in searching for cover graphics on the web, I've come to pretty much just bother looking at a small handful of places (,, etc.) because it seems like everybody else is either a front end for Amazon or a front end for a different "price comparison" search engine. It really is amazing how many strange domains either have "book stores" incorporated into them, or have been hijacked to clog up the Google results! I mean, what do "", "", "", "", "", "", "", or "" really have to do (they all show up in the Google results) with that Easton book?

Anyway ... I'm up to 1,016 books logged in and 35 reviews posted. I still have about 17 shelves worth of books to log in, so I should be up to somewhere around 1,600 books when I'm done ... that would put me in the current "100 largest libraries" list (#80 currently has 1,691 books). I'm also moving up the listing for "most prolific reviewers" ... I'll be tied for the #90 spot once the listing updates with my most recent entries, and since I'm doing "reviews" here (and in my "review mirror" journal, btripp_books, which is what I link to from LibraryThing) for all new books as I get through them, I should keep climbing that list (depending, of course, on what the folks ahead of me are doing).

Yeah, I know ... you find this fascinating! I'm really just slapping this up since most of that isn't going to change before the end of the year, so I'm sort of putting in a "bookmark" here so I know where I was when. I got 20 books read this year (OK, so that last one took me 10 minutes to get through the parts that were in English, but I didn't want it to get too far removed from the other Dead Sea Scrolls book!), which topped the 17 or 18 (I'm still not sure exactly when I finished Dereliction of Duty) I got through in 2004, and is way ahead of the 6 to 8 books I read in 2003 (I didn't start putting the specific "finished" dates in these until February of 2004, so the dates prior to that are "iffy"). Of course, this still isn't up to the 30-or-so per year rate I was reading back when I was in the PR biz (and was single and without kids), but getting through 20 books in a year is not too bad (especially if a lot of them are reasonably "challenging" reads). I have a dauntingly long way to go to get "caught up", however ... as a quick count of the visible shelfs (and an extrapolation to the ones I can't presently see) shows that I have somewhere around 200 books waiting unread from my pre-1993 buying (and whatever ill-advised additions I made during the Eschaton years when I wasn't reading anything but manuscript submissions!).

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