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Well, as it turned out, at least Mother's Day worked out OK ... took my Mom out for brunch at one of her favorite fancy places, got to schmooze with the chef a bit, she said how nice it was just having me there for a change (not that she isn't crazy for her grandkids) ... then I got her home, ducked up to my place to change clothes, and high-tailed it down to Midway to pick up The Wife and The Girls. They were pretty shell-shocked from their whirl-wind weekend (Thursday with an old High School friend of The Wife's, Friday with my sister-in-law, Saturday with my father-in-law and various assorted relatives, etc.) and they were happy to get back. I hadn't gotten any particular thing for The Wife for Mothers Day (the trip was her gift), but had The Girls present her with new framed pics of them. She seemed happy.

Anyway, this was written in the aftermath of realizing that I had just had my butt kicked by the "weekend crash course", and I was feeling like a stupid, incompetent, jackass piece of shit. Which is, of course, in my reality, never very far from the truth.

                    NEW DEPTHS OF FAILURE

                    so many intents
                    fallen useless
                    so many desires
                    gone unmet
                    we drive within
                    some are given
                    some surprise

                    we are ever alien
                    never being able
                    to extract of days
                    what common people have
                    never able to make
                    a cycle start
                    a vision gel
                    within this world

                    no belief
                    remains here
                    no seed of hope
                    awaits new day
                    we are stuck
                    in this descent
                    no way to pull us
                    out of this fall

                    what is wanted
                    what is needed
                    blur to frustration,
                    deep yearning aches;
                    we get so little
                    and attain less,
                    we achieve nothing
                    and are left with void

                    no matter how we strive
                    we are failing
                    no matter how much work
                    we build naught
                    no matter what the prayer
                    we are cursed
                    damned to destruction
                    cast down to doom

                             - Brendan Tripp

                    Copyright © 2001 by Brendan Tripp

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