BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Well, I must be off ...

Actually, I should have been asleep 3 or more hours ago (I'm having to get up at 3am, which is now just 2.5 hours away), but I've been "having issues" with my laptop. Actually, I was having issues with my "backpack" CD-R drive, which for some reason would NOT recognize any media I put in there ... pain in the ass.

You see, I've never travelled with my laptop (unless you count the rides to and from Chubb during the year I was in school there), and I have ALL my photos from the past several years on its HD. I am WAY paranoid that something will happen to the laptop (pick any: stolen, run over, dropped, EMP, whatever) and I'll lose all my pictures.

I've had this external CD-R drive for a few years, but have only on rare occasion made any CDs with it ... and tonight (once I got it all hooked up and figured out again how to use the software) it just wouldn't recognize any of the blank media I put in there (which was all fresh from a new pack). Yes, I tested it with other CDs and it read them fine, so something was wonky with it and the blank CDs. I ended up spending a few hours on that project (after having blown most of the afternoon on getting it to work with AOL ... so you may be hearing from me!), and finally broke down and pulled out my latest acquisition (well, it's several months old now, but it's new for me), which was an external HD enclosure and a 250gig drive. I'm currently waiting for it to finish formatting the various partitions I made on it, and then I'll at least drag over the pictures (I don't think I want to wait to dump the whole HD to it tonight).

Aside from messing with the laptop ... The Girls and I did our now-traditional New Years Eve thing (albiet without their Mom, who needed to pack), of going up to the "Zoo Lights" party at the Lincoln Park Zoo. We didn't do the usual multiple activities ... The Girls did get a chance to make some "smores" outside ... as they just opened a new Children's building, and they wanted to play over there for most of the time we had.

So ... I'm going to get 2 hours of sleep and we're off for Orlando ... however, it looks pretty good for my being able to keep up with y'all this time!

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