BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,


OK ... so I had hoped to have been caught up on my LJ reading by taking my laptop with me ... it turns out that it was a good thing that I was too wiped out most nights to get on line, since the damn hotel charged me over $60.00 in "long distance" charges to an AOL node that was in the same damn zipcode and barely 5 miles away! This was a very unpleasant experience because AOL "didn't know nuthin" and the hotel claimed it "didn't know nuthin" about how to log on cost-efficiently from there. Pisses me off. How the hell do people use their damn computers on the road if the fucking hotels are charging them 50¢/minute (or whatever it worked out to ... I was on line over an hour one night, about a half an hour another night, and checked on two mornings)? I still think I'm going to write a nasty note to the hotel about that charge.

Anyway ... I came home to our DSL being down (some problem in the phone line) so I've spent all day dealing with that, and am only now back on line here ... with 400 posts on the F.L. to catch up with. arrrrgh!

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