BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Bleh ...

OK, still no pics off of camera, so no update from trip.

Last night we had a rental car, which made for an easier trip taking The Girls up to Dojo, but then involed over an hour of driving around looking for a damn parking spot. It got to be 9:15pm, and I figured that I had better drop them off at home before they were both sound asleep in the back ... ran them upstairs and headed back out to look for a spot. Nights like that I'd love to take all the damned Valets, pile them up like cordwood, and run Monster Trucks over them until there was nothing left but goo!

I eventually did find a parking spot, but had burned both all my available time and all my available energy on the project ... I got to see the last 1/4 of Battlestar Galactica, then the new Stargate SG-1, but fell asleep before the second showing of Stargate Atlantis (and, of course, B.G. following). I was out most of the day again with The Girls up at Dojo (unfortunately, at the moment, the only times that I can get both of them to class with one trip are Friday night and Saturday noon) ... the good thing was that Daughter #1 finally got promoted to her "High Blue" belt ... she'd been eligible for promotion three months ago, and had been "stuck" there for various reasons. One more belt promotion and she'll be at Purple, then the three degrees of Brown, and then finally Black. If she really focuses and I'm able to get her to enough classes, she still may get that Black Belt while she's in the Kids program (they kick them up to Teens when they turn 13).

Anyway, more updates coming when I can (not that anybody seems to be waiting with bated breath, to judge from the comment traffic in here over the past week!).

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