BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

More books logged in ...

Well, in the process of having to dig back to where the DSL line emerges from the wall in here the other day, I did some re-organizing, which has, for the moment at least, made access to some of the bookshelves previously in the "how the hell am I going to get back there?" category much easier. While this in and of itself is a good thing, the subject matter of the shelves in question is a bit boring (being a lot of "Christian" books amassed in the course of netting that ever-so-useful Comparative Religions major). There were, however, a couple of "awwwww" moments (books given to me for my confirmation a long, long time ago), finding nice notes from long-dead relatives and family friends.

All in all, I only got another 29 books logged into my LibraryThing catalog which just nudges up my total to 1,045 ... this was C1-S3, and I really ought to make a point of getting in to get C1-S4 before anything more goes onto the desk in front of it (as the "modesty panel" on said desk totally blocks access when it's where it is in its appointed place), but a lot of that is even less interesting Xtian periphera, and the last shelf in that case (C1-S5) is the most mundane of all, having stuff like most of my Bibles (yes, I have many Bibles, in various editions, translations, presentations, etc.) and that badge of being a "serious" English Major, my copy of the OED!

If I'm doing that then I should probably also take the opportunity to dig out the books in C2-S4 (I think there's just "stuff" on C2-S5), since they're pretty much "locked in" otherwise ... which might even get me into doing the rest of Bookcase #2 (which has, as I've noted, the "challenge" of being right over my work area, and are thereby crammed with all sorts of non-book clutter, ranging from floppy disk storage boxes to pottery and random Happy Meal toys).

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