BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

(sigh) Too too too much stuff to do

Man-o-man ... another weekend in the blender ...

Had a pretty good time manning the Libertarian table at Hemp Fest ... they had really good bands non-stop all day. The only problem came at night when we were supposed to have had folks coming to break down the thing, and nobody showed up. Neither of us had a car there ... so we just had to box stuff up as best we could and left it under the table. I hope it was all there today when things started up again.

This weekend was yet another "trip through the blender" ... but really notable about how awful I felt this morning ... just "doom city" ... hence this poem:

                    NOT WHERE WE WOULD AWAKE

                    a deep despairing
                    inexplicable anguish
                    and dire depressing dread
                    sweep through the morning
                    grip self with terrors
                    yet unnamed ...
                    what bane is this?
                    what revelation of what doom?

                    perhaps our dreams
                    held horrors that
                    we can not recall,
                    perhaps in sleep
                    day's nightmares came
                    and tainted sweet oblivion
                    with reality's harsh bile
                    redoubled in the heart

                    why does this dawn
                    weigh so hard
                    upon the soul?
                    why should this day
                    feel so poisoned,
                    so full of hazard
                    of cataclysmic failure
                    and malignant fates?

                    we feel
                    as though awakening
                    half hanging off
                    some precipice,
                    suddenly unveiled
                    as immanently at risk
                    with visceral drops
                    and on-rushing threats

                    what wall has failed
                    which held this flood?
                    what cloth has lifted
                    which cloaked our eyes
                    from this looming menace?
                    what trap has opened
                    beneath our feet
                    to reveal this gallows here?

                             - Brendan Tripp

                    Copyright © 2001 by Brendan Tripp

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