BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

LibraryThing update ...

Well, I got C2-S4 logged in, which brings the total in my LibraryThing catalog up to 1,094 ... I was going to log in C1-S4, but I put that off ... the vast majority of the books there being "ministerial" books of my Father's (who died when I was 2 years old), and I wasn't sure how I wanted to handle them. Even with the desk back in place, I can still access C1-S5 (by crawling under), which is my "Bible shelf", but I didn't feel up to that tonight ... it would be nice if they all had ISBNs, but I suspect that I'm going to have to do some research to be able to log them in a way that highlights the differences (i.e. between a standard KJV and the Scofield Reference, etc., let alone the "Restoration Of The Original Sacred Name" Bible!).

I'm still trying to figure how I'm going to get the stuff off of C3-S4/5 ... if I move everything that's behind and under the desk, I might be able to crawl under and pull those out, but they'll be a bitch to re-file ... I ran into that a bit on C2-S4 because I only had about 1/4 of the shelf clear, and had to reach back "into the hole" to get the books out and then back in. The stuff on C3-S4 will push my total up quite a bit, because it's a lot of ¼-½" books (my old Ballantine WW2 books, that I was crazy about back in highschool).

I have a "new" printer/scanner that I've been waiting to install for well over a year (hell, I've even lost the disks for it, so it's gonna be an adventure), but I really should push myself to get to C2-S1/2/3 (the ones with "serious clutter" in front of them) before I do that, since in the current configuration (post-DSL dig-out) it will be blocking a couple of those to a fair extent. (sigh) Another pain-in-the-ass project to deal with.

More later (lucky you!).

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