BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

More fun with LibraryThing ...

Got another shelf (C2-S1) logged in, so my total is now up to 1,145 ... tonight's shelf was a mix of "English major" classics (hey, I counted all three copies of Strunk & White as one book up there with Abrams, Turabian, and the "MLA Style Sheet") and Modern Poetry. It was especially fun seeing all those "small press" poetry books from back in college ... they were, of course, inspiration for my eventually starting Eschaton Books, and made me very sad that I'm no longer in the publishing game (one thing that did amaze me, it appears that Monday Morning Press, a source of a lot of obscure poetry in some rather alternative formats back in the early 70's is still in business!).

As has been evident around here (pretty much the only "book review" commentary I've gotten was when I did that Rollins thing a week or so back!), most of my books are not exactly popular, and I've gotten used to seeing that the books I'm logging in are shared by only one or two other LT collections, if any. So, it was a bit of a surprise when I found that stuff like John Asbury's Self-portrait In A Convex Mirror was in 15 users' collections, Wallace Stevens' The Palm at the End of the Mind was in 16, and The Collected Poems of Theodore Roethke was in 31 libraries! I mean, I would expect that from Bob Dylan's Tarantula (15 users), but "who knew" that Roethke was so popular?

An amusing thing to watch, as I log in "thematic" shelves, is how the "similar library" listing in my LibraryThing profile changes. The last bunch of books had "classic literature" (like a dozen Shakespeare titles) and "plays", which changed the mix of books, and today there was stuff like Animal Farm, Brave New World, and Lord of the Flies. I suspect that this "Bookcase #2" bunch of books is going to weigh heavily on the English Major end, as aside from these past two shelves' worth, I can still see things like the Norton Anthologies awaiting down on C2-S3!

I was able to get the shelf unit of C2-S1 "flipped" from "smiley shelf" to "frowny shelf" without having to involve any hardware, and I'm hoping that will also be the case when I get down to C2-S2 ... although I'm noticing now that I'm going to have to move some stuff to get that pulled out (a good thing to notice now before getting into that, as there is a shitload of stuff I need to get moved before I can even get to the books, and they can't go where the stuff from C2-S1 went or there would be no way for me to get that shelf out ... looks like I'll need to move the computer too ... bummer!).

Yeah, I know, I'm sure these details are riveting reading for everyone!

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