BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

By the way ...

I'm noticing that most of what gets put in the "review" area on L.T. tends towards one-line blurbs about a book. Somehow (and maybe it's just me ... with my 500+ word L.J. reviews and all), that just doesn't seem like that should qualify as "a review"!

Jeez ... if I was going to "stoop to" doing one-sentence synopses of stuff in my library, I'd probably be right at the head of the "most prolific reviewer" list (which currently is topped off at 650 "reviews", followed by 575, followed by 297 ... my present 36 real reviews puts me about #90 on that ... so spewing out a blurb on each book as I log it in wouldn't even phase me ... if I could stand doing something that shallow! ... although, in poking around, it appears that the #1 reviewer does at least dedicate a paragraph or more in most cases to the books, but the #2 reviewer is definately a "sentence or less" guy).

Don't mind me ... I'm just venting when I ought to be sleeping.

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