BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Postal rate increase???

How the heck did I miss this?

I just heard (at a PTA meeting I was at this morning) that the Postal rates have gone up. Now, this is hardly shocking in and of itself, but I tend to keep fairly abreast of the news, and had heard nothing about new postage rates! These things typically roll in with much "wailing and gnashing of teeth" and I hadn't seen anything about it at all. Heck, looking at it seems like it surprised them as well, as there are no new postcard rate stamps yet, and the ones they have up there for "postcard rate" are still one of the two previous ones. For the record, as of January 8th, the new rates are 39¢ for the first ounce and 24¢ for each additional ounce (and postcards).

Am I the only person that missed the memo on this?

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