BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Another shelf done ...

Well, I got the "mystery shelf", C2-S2, taken care of tonight ... I call it that because there was SO MUCH STUFF stacked up in front of the books that I didn't have a clue what was up there. As it turned out it was a lot of my "Ancient Middle East" books (mainly stuff on Egypt), plus various religion/philosophy stuff and some psychology. Again, an interesting walk through the past as I added these to my LibraryThing catalog!

Right now I'm up to 1,188 books logged in. I have one more shelf to do on that bookcase, and then two on #3 (as I've mentioned, I need to figure how to get at those) and then everything on Bookcase #4 (which needs to get organized, a lot of random stuff piled up there).

I was able to take a very "smiley" shelf and flip it to a "frowny" shelf on C2-S2 without having to resort to adding brackets, so that's a good thing ... although a lot of the stuff that had been up there doesn't "look right" now (leaning towards the outsides rather than sinking towards the middle).

I wish I was making better headway with the stuff I've been reading, but I've been so tired of late that I keep nodding off in a page or two ... very frustrating!

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