BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

freaky ...

It is, at 5:15pm on January 12th, here in Chicago a balmy 56°!

Now, you gotta understand, we can't expect mid-50's temps until about mid-May around here, so this is seriously messing with everybody's head ... I mean, I went outside and had thoughts about Wrigley Field!

I'm just glad that my BEARS aren't hosting a deep-South or Dome team for the play-off game on Sunday (when it's likely to be around 40°) ... because it would be almost like losing home-field advantage to have the weather this nice! Given that we're hosting the Carolina Panthers (and not the Tampa Bay Buccaneers), I guess it doesn't matter so much. Still, one sort of anticipates that a football game at Soldier Field in January ought to involve either single-digit temeratures (and a corresponding wind-chill) or substantial snow fall!

Not that I'm particularly complaining about being able to wander around without the heavy winter coat on, mind you!

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