BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Obsessive-compulsive disorder to the rescue AGAIN!

Yeah, I really don't know why I jumped into this project, but I suddenly found myself organizing Shelves 1, 2, and 3 on Bookcase #4 ... this being the "disorganized" bookcase where much stuff was just piled up. Once I started moving stuff off the books, I actually found that C4-S1 was in pretty good shape, and C4-S3 just needed some re-alignment of books (most of which were old school yearbooks). C4-S2, however, was a bit of a challenge. This was the shelf that (back in my old bachelor apartment) was where I used to keep my camera equipment and most travel books. Over the years, the camera equipment had migrated elsewhere, leaving behind a complex ecosystem of travel books, maps, guide booklets, museum directories, and various ephemera of a couple of decades of enthusiastic international travel (stuff like Paris Metro tickets, QE2 embarkation tags, restaurant receipts from places in London, notepads from the Arnoma in Bangkok, postcards from the Vatican giftshop, etc., etc., etc.), as well as "other" bits of accumulated memorabilia.

I had initially thought that I was going to have to move out the various travel books to a box, but once I got into sorting things out it became apparent that I was going to be able to get all the travel books, museum books, guide booklets for various sites, and English-Whatever phrasebooks on the shelf, with the stack of assorted maps on top of the books, and nearly all the key "ephemera" in a box that likewise ended up on top of the books. I rock!

There are still two shelves on C4 that need to be "dealt with" but they are (as is the case with many of the S4's and S5's in here) buried behind "stuff" that I'll have to move to get at them. Hmmm ... I guess this whole thing got started with my thinking about accessing the books on C3-S(4-5), and I went back over the other side of my desk to see if the route to those shelves would be any easier from there than trying to pull them out of a 6" gap under my desk. I guess dealing with C4-S(1-3) looked more promising at the time than trying to crawl under furniture, so the old OCD kicked in and I got into an "organizing" frenzy!

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