BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

More library update ...

Well, after getting those shelves organized, I went ahead and logged in C4-S1 ... and now have my LibraryThing catalog up to 1,269 books.

I don't know if I'll make it into the top 100 largest libraries on L.T. or not ... right now the #100 library has 1,638 and I'm not sure if I still have over 300 books to log in. There are still several shelves that I haven't seen in years, and I know that some of them are heavy on "skinny" books (thereby having a lot of units per shelf), so it is likely to be close.

One "organizational" thing I'm dealing with is how to start shelving the books I've read over the past couple of years ... right now they're stuck in boxes (and have "finished YYYY-MM-DD" rather than "filed C?-S?-B??"). When I hit my "big gap in reading" I was halfway onto C9-S2, so I should be filling in from there on, but the other half of that shelf has stacked-up unread books (just like all of Bookcase #10, which is overflowing), and the next shelf, S3 is "buried" behind stuff. I'm pretty sure C9-S3 has another slug of unread books, but that's one of the things I've not laid eyes on in ages. I'm thinking that if I filed what I have in the boxes, I'd probably fill up both C9-S2 and C9-S3, but be faced with a no-place-to-put-them situation with unread books!

I have a couple of "possible scenarios" for dealing with the stuff stacked up in front of Bookcases 8, 9, and 10 ... but I suspect that dealing with any of it will require more "emotional stability" than I am currently able to muster (much of what's there are files, etc. from Eschaton, and I'm still not "dealing well" with the collapse of that). It would, however, be good to know what exactly is where in all of that. If I just move stuff, I might be able to shift as many as 14 letter-by-legal file boxes to the other side here (now that I've moved some computer/printer stuff around), which might be enough to get at whatever is over there. The problem then would be "reconceptualizing" my office set-up, as a lot of the "archaeology" in here is due to having a lot of my old apartment summarily exiled "out of sight" in here when we moved in fourteen or so years back!

Frankly, I'd love to just make some of this stuff "temporarily disappear", but both of our storage lockers are full, and I hate to think of spending any more money than we are on out-of-the-building storage!

Oh, man ... just thinking of that is getting me into a freaky mix of depression and panic attack ... argh! I just wish we were making some money so that every month wasn't just watching resources spinning down the drain. Bleh.

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