BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

(sigh) 29-21

Oh, well. Not a bad season for a team that was generally predicted to finish 3-13. Pity to have it end the way it did, with our defense stinking up the field. Not a good weekend for teams playing the "Cover 2" in general (i.e. the Colts). Back in my drinking days, I would probably have been in a deep funk for weeks ... now, I'm just feeling "numb". I just hope they keep moving forward, and not have a collapse like after their last playoff appearance.

At least they were in it up to that last pick. Needless to say, every BEARS fan in the place was hoping for them to get a stop on that last Panthers drive (when we were just behind by 2), setting up a final push that would have given us the lead. Even when they went back up by 8, we had a chance to get into the endzone and go for the 2-point conversion for OT ... but, nooooo ... it just wasn't happening. Bummer.

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