BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

(yawwwwn) another poem

Blah ... blah ... blah ... been up all night getting press info ready for the Sacred Sexuality Conference ... especially for Artvamp's appearance on Mancow's Morning Madhouse tomorrow ... I got a package of info faxed off to them this morning, and now have the press info ready to roll out to everybody else. Whoopie!

Anyway, got a poem in today ... I don't know ... it seems less coherent than usual ... but here it is:

                    WHERE IS THE WAKING?

                    that which becomes
                    that which becomes
                    that which becomes
                    caught up in dreams
                    shared by many
                    analyzed by few

                    every aspect repeats
                    and echoes in the mass
                    reverberates in the sleep
                    which hangs so heavy
                    coast to coast
                    and round the globe
                    a dark agreement
                    an unsensing pact

                    how can we battle
                    against this haze
                    how can we fight
                    against this dullness
                    what place is there
                    within that world
                    for one who stirs
                    when all others slumber?

                    I move in shadows
                    and hear the breath
                    of millions' rest
                    their unquestioning ease;
                    they do not see
                    the looming walls
                    the razor bars
                    the torture cage

                    I walk along
                    the edge of dreams
                    which leak from them
                    and fill my world
                    with nightmare forms
                    not of my bidding
                    I wait in doldrums
                    for the time of waking

                             - Brendan Tripp

                    Copyright © 2001 by Brendan Tripp

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