BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Well, have a Support Request in about "Scrapbook" ...

Damn ... here I supposedly "have" 10gigs of storage space on L.J. and the only way of accessing it is through that piece-of-crap "Scrapbook" interface??? That sucks oceans of shit! I just put in a "support request" with questions about this, but from my poking around I'm pretty sure that they're going to come back and tell me that I need to use "Scrapbook" to get to the storage, which is going to piss me off.

Hell, I went to WebLogImages because AOL was jerking me around about "remote linking" (hey, AOL: I'm fucking paying for that FTP space ... I should be able to LINK to stuff in there!) to graphic files there ... I'm going to be livid if the only fucking way that L.J. is going to allow me to use that 10gigs of storage is via that lame-ass "Scrapbook" gallery format!

Grrrr ... now I want to break something. Damn.

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