BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Arrgh ... I hate it when LibraryThing bugs out!

So, I've been spending most of the day logging in stuff. It's a way I "get to" watch football ... create a "busy project" and have the TV on during it ... much more successful in terms of my getting to follow the game than sitting in a comfy chair in front of the big TV! Anyway, today I dug out all the stuff in front of Bookcase #4, which also let me access the lower to shelves of Bookcase #3 ... I got C3-S4 and C3-S5 logged in, then moved over to C4-S4, and was just starting on C4-S5 when LibraryThing sort of disappeared on me, with everything timing out. It's odd, though, as typically if things are very slow or down, you can at least get to their "blog" page, and even that times out. Bummer. I really wanted to get Bookcase #4 finished up so I could move the crap back over in that corner!

As it is, I'm up to about 1,460 books, which means I'm just a couple of hundred or so away from the "top 100" libraries! I'm not 100% sure that I'm going to make it onto that list, but if I don't, I'll be close. I have left a lot of books "unlogged" for the moment, as although they are physically in my library, they're not really part of my library. An example of these are French text books ... yes, 2 or 3 of them are mine, but the rest are my Brother's from highschool, and they just all ended up here. Since I am pretty much hopeless in French (and have always had a problem), having a dozen French textbooks doesn't make a lot of sense. This is not to be confused with a French edition of Rimbaud that I bought at a bookstall along the Seine in Paris, but that is also currently "floating" (along with a number of other books) without a specific shelf to call home.

Today Daughter #1 and I ran her through a "dummy" of this 2-hour test she'll be taking next weekend, and while I timed the various sections I also got most of the Thiering book finished ... I may go and knock down the last 20 pages or so of that while L.T. is having the vapors.

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