BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Bleh ...

Ah .. so much stuff to do, so little time ...

I stayed up to listen to Artvamp's appearance on the Mancow show this morning ... but by 8am there had been NO mention of her being on, and so I figured that it had fallen through and crashed. It turned out that she DID appear on the show, and was on at about 9. Oh well. I understand that they didn't even MENTION the Sacred Sexuality Conference which really pisses me off, having been up all night a couple of nights ago getting an 11-page press packet of to them so they'd have the info upfront of Artvamp's gig. Damn. Nothing like losing two whole nights for jack shit.

Spent most of the day getting some flyers done for tomorrow's Pagan Expo 2001 ... they're designed, but my printer is sucking shit as far as duplexing (the only way I can get the second side to print decently is to load ONE sheet into the printer, then initialize the print (click-click-wait) ... if I just run them, the printer is grabbing 2-4 at a time and trashing them, and if I set it to print a bunch, but then just feed in individual sheets, it's grabbing them funny and printing at an angle ... so its either sit here all night going paper-into-printer/click-click-wait or running off to Kinkos. I think that Kinko's is gong to win.

Anyway, if anybody in the Chicago area wants to enjoy the full flush of Brendan in sleep dep ... come on out to Pagan Expo 2001 ... it's FREE and can be reached via the El (and there's lots of parking on site for you vehicular persons).

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