BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Yawwwwn ...

Well, LibraryThing went down "for 20 minutes" around 2am last night ... and I was only three books away from finishing up the last shelf on Bookcase #4 ... which pissed me off, as I then went to try to finish up reading the Thiering book, fell asleep, and didn't get all the stuff I needed to get done (like re-file the books and re-stack the "stuff" that used to be over there) taken care of. Bleh.

So, after I dropped The Girls off at school this morning, I popped back in and at least got those last few books logged ... my LibraryThing catalog is now up to 1,494 ... only 185 books away from the #100 slot on the "biggest libraries"! Unfortunately, unless I start logging in my unread books (of which there are six shelves, totally packed, easily more than enough), I'm not sure if I'm going to make that, since at this point I only have two "unexcavated" shelves (probably good for 60-90 books), plus the Bible/dictionary shelft that I took a pass on initially. Oh, there's also the "naughty bits" shelf, but somehow I can't see enshrining "The Girl Who Deep-Throated John Holmes" into my L.T. catalog!

I still haven't been able to finish that Thiering book (and it's getting quite beat up from being dropped when I drift off to sleep!), but I only have 7 pages left, so I should be able to force-feed myself that at some point today. The problem I'm having with this book is my going into that "continue reading in my sleep" mode, where I'll start reading a paragraph, slip into sleep, but still be reading, just not what's on the page! The last book that I can reall being hard to finish due to this was Neuromancer, which my brain was happy to nuzzle down into without any regard to what the author envisioned for plot lines.

Anyway ... look for another exciting book review popping up here in the next 24 hours or so.

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