BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Spam update ...

Wow ... I just got another five of that same stupid Spam about getting a bogus MBA ... I think that's 10 today, on top of at least 10 yesterday ... one would think that the "junk filters" in ThunderBird would start to recognize this and steer it out of my in-box! The only thing that I can think of that could be keeping it from getting caught by the filters is that the letter doesn't have a URL in it ... just a phone number to call.

Interesting, the phone number is to some "Competitive Local Exchange Carrier" number in Seattle, WA and the service I was using to check the exchange ( had this warning on this sort of number: "There may or may not be additional charges when dialing these prefixes." ... so I'm thinking that these guys are FLOODING out these e-mails with a phone number that, when you call, smacks you with service charges much like the "809 scam", just hoping that you'll get pissed enough to start calling to bitch!

Sneaky bastards. They need to DIE!

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